8 May 2009

Brow strong?

For a girl who has such dark, dark hair I do have such oddly light eye brows, luckily they are a great shape, so I hardly ever need to pluck them. But I do know how much your eye brows are supposed to shape your face, so I thought I'd give the bold brow look a go! So I went forth and bought this eyebrow kit from Urban Decay, and I just love it! I always did love a strong brow, I must admit, and this kit is perfect! It comes with two shades of brown, taking you easily from day to night, a pair of teeny tiny tweezers, a small angled brow brush and a pop out tray of wax to set your perfect brow. I sweep on the wax to set the shape and make the powder stay, then I gently brush on the darker brown shade of powder using the perfectly shaped brush, just hi-lighting my natural brow shape and extending the brow slightly longer, and done!
Highly recommended.



i am C C C crazy about eyebrows!!
I go through tons of brown eyeshadow making mine nice and dark! My boyfriend said to me, I'm surprised you don't dye yours, they are very prominent! I was mortified! I love the look of that brush kit! I had a similar benefit one, and given I use quite a bit, it lasted about a year! I hope that one works well! Happy Birthday by the way, you will have to put some pics up! x x x

Tabitha Sheridan said...

I use that eyebrow kit!
I've been using it for about 6-7 months, and i really like it, and it last's for ever, only difference is i put the powder on first, then the wax, but we're all different. Glad you like it. Asda actually have a good alternative to it though if you ever want a spare one for the gym bag or whatever for £2! xx

Emma Daniels said...

Ooh thanks for the tip off! £2 what a bargain! Ha ha yeah I put the wax on after it too to set the powder, I apply beforehand so it sticks even more and to set any fly away brow hairs down!! I've never been much of a beauty geek, looks like that's changing...:) xx