28 April 2009

Tuesday shopping spree

After all that clothes envy yesterday I popped into Westfield after work today. I bought these little beauties...
From the top:
Topshop short sleeved leopard print jacket. I've loved this for a while, it's got lovely lines and structure and is very simplistic, the thin belt really cinches everything in. And it was in the sale!
80's hot pink tee, Topshop vintage, also in the sale. I just couldn't resist, it's really sweet!
Canvas coral shoes, quite strappy with ties. Wearable heels. These are so cute! And the colour is amazing, it will add a colour pop to many an outfit.
Pearl with gold shell, inspired by Stella McCartney S/S 09. Topshop.
Studded headband. Tea pot charm necklace. Elephant charm necklace. All very cute! Loving the little tea pot! All Accessorize.
These will fill a craving, for a few days...


Yamila said...

nice clothes!!

HiFashion said...

Great shoes! Where are they from? Perfect color from spring/summer.

I need to go to Westfield! x Leia

Emma Daniels said...

They're from Topshop, fab aren't they?! And only £35, bargain!!

Westfield ain't so great....but hey a visit is an excuse to shop! :) x