9 February 2009

WCWD...(What Celebs Wear Daily!)

Just a new little type of post! Some of you may or may not be interested, but there is no doubt that celebrities have become increasingly influential in the fashion industry and on what people wear and buy, and indeed how they wear it.

I wear what I like, and buy what I like, but celebrities do often influence how I wear things...and of course there are particular celebrities styles' that I do like.

Okay then....What Celebs wear daily....from the top...
Singer Robyn clutched the most adorable bag at last nights Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Cradling it like an actual animal maybe she's scared it might fly away!
Someone who should be cradling something is singer M.I.A, who, despite performing at last nights awards, was actually due to give birth! I only found out the other week and already she looks as if she's going to drop...but she powered through a performance alongside TI, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne and looked fabulous at it too wearing a Henry Holland dress, retro glasses and great yellow nail polish (got to get me some of that!).
And thirdly, there is Lily Allen in la color of the season (well, one of), orange. Maybe she forgot to wear trousers, maybe she didn't. But you can't deny that she doesn't look great. And thin. How has she done it??

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