16 February 2009

So, NY fashion week has officially kicked off, with a capital 'K'. At this time of year (fashion seasons, not actual seasons) I get ever so confused. I've been admiring summer clothes for about two months, but shrugged them off in turn for fur and thermal things and such like, why stock sandals when it's snowing outside?! Confusion starts. Magazines are shrugging off the winter blues and donning hues of yellow and orange and featuring floaty dresses and summer make up palettes, I start to follow. I get excited, finally the sun shall be coming out. But then, hey what's that? Yes that's it, the next batch of A/W catwalk shows. Cue more confusion. I want sandals, with fur, with daisy hippy headbands and gothic eyes? It has started. One word: Preen.

I'm not the most practical of gals to begin with. I am never the girl who 'just knew the heavens were going to open as soon as I left the office' and I should have worns boots instead of the ol' vintage shoes with the hole in the sole, or that at lunch the girls will want to hike over to Westfield and I'll be wearing sky scrapers, them in flats. I'm always the one shivering in the 2 layers (but it looked so sunny this morning...?!) or perspiring loads in the 5 layers on a 'surprisingly pleasant January day'. I guess these things come with age....or maybe the weather forecast on my Blackberry...

Anyway. Preen. It was all monochrome, graphic prints, greys, bold dogstooth (I'm not impartial to abit of dogstooth, I just adore my bold dogstooth vintage cardi, actually I'm wearing it right now!) and huge, huge fur. Erm, can I have this now? No? In 8 months you say....darn it.

Gimme more shows. Then onto wearing summer clothes. Oh the confused state.

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