22 February 2009

My weekend...

Haven't blogged all weekend including Thursday, it feels odd. So I am now going to blog vomit.

Thursday, my mum arrived for the weekend! Her dad, my grandad, also arrived on Thursday, he's a boxing coach and had some of his boxers fighting for a charity event in Holborn. So me and my mum got ourselves down to that. For some reason there's something about testosterone fuelled, sweating guys hitting each other violently that makes me swoon after the fittest one, just me? Yep? Okay. Was I Scotland (my grandad lives in Scotland) or was I supporting the English? I supported the cutest. Well, a girl has to get through 2 and a half hours of boxing some how.

Saturday, we hit Portobello, one of my mum's favourite places. It was very 'same old same old'. Maybe I should stop going as much, or maybe they should lower their prices. Every time I go I see the same things, no one buys the stuff because it's so god damn expensive! Second hand is 'vintage at its finest' with a price tag far higher than I've seen. A few months ago I was strolling around when a hat caught my eye 'how much is this?' I enquired, the reply was of extortionate proportions, I done an almost sarcastic double take, the widened eyes, the look of total disbelief, the woman replied 'it's vintage' in a definitely sarcastic way. It's vintage! Honestly! I know bloody vintage when I see it dear! Just because you have a stall on Portobello and sell cast offs at catastrophic prices! Saying that, back in my first weekend of living in London, sister in tow, sun high in the sky on a glorious day, we hit Portobello early and I found the most stunning dress. A long mint-y aqua-y finely pleated dress, with appliqued leaves around the collar in different shades of blues. I get people asking about it whenever I wear it, and it was only a fiver! The guys at One of a Kind even shouted after me 'gorgeous dress!' I'm not going to lie, that made my week.

We scoffed a fresh cream cake from one of the stalls and had a vanilla latte and got outta' there.

At night we went to see Slumdog Millionaire (can I just stop there, whenever I see the word millionaire I think about the spelling, is it millionnaire or millionaire?! Until someone can set the record straight I shall be forever pondering. And secondly, yes yes I am very aware that I am a tad late in watching this film. shame on me. Pass the girl a paper bag to put over her head). Anyway, great film. As you all know!

Today, I saw my mum to the train station then hopped back on the tube to meet a friend in Brick Lane. We had a wander at the local odd balls selling old trainers, shower heads and drill bits. I love Brick Lane. Portobello doesn't have a patch on ol Brick Lane.

Got eyed up by PETA protesters today, staring at the big coat. It's faux for crying out loud! Get the guy down the road selling ferret heads not the poor gal wearing a bit o' the synthetic stuff!
Not that I'm not impartial to some of the real stuff....but that's another debate. Long lovely fur coats reminds me of the one Carrie wore during Sex and the City, then again in the movie. I love that coat. SJP said that when she put it on again for the film, after not wearing for a few seasons of SATC, she put her hand in the pocket and found a packet of cigarettes from when Carrie used to smoke! I love this outfit (pictured) that she wore in the film! PETA protesters remind me of when they threw red paint all over Samantha!

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