11 February 2009

I promise to...

...be slightly more personal in my blogging...I realise I'm not being very personal, I'm writing blogs like magazine articles (which, I wish I was) but anyhow, I will try!

Here goes...

7am. Woke up this morning to the bright sky beaming through my window...think how bright it is getting already, slid out of bed, shower, then applied my make-up in front of GMTV, which is a morning ritual, however every morning I have the disappointment of being unable to stay and watch LK Today, in a perfect world I would watch her every morning...is it just me that thinks that Lorraine may talk about fashion and have a regular stylist on the show but some how she always looks as if she has dug out that days outfit from her 80's wardrobe?! I think this most days.

Then I board the Hammersmith and City Line from the East to the West every morning and every night. It's slow everyday, the woman on the speaker may say "there is a good service running on all London Underground" but she may as well add "except the H&C Line, as usual". Get into the office, me, 4th floor, Mario Testino, 3rd floor. Make dresses. And other garments. Today, a slip dress, started on a coat, with a fur collar, oooh. Talk in between with the 3 other women in my team, have very interesting and funny chats about all sorts of things from belly buttons to upper lip waxing and weird relatives. Cackle with laughter. The other day someone asked why everyone was so pessimistic(no one had talked for all of about ten mins) and I replied "except me"! And virtually in unison they said "because you're young"!!

Got home tonight, ham sandwich yumm, pint of fresh orange (usually accompanying a packet of biscuits, but not tonight, I'm trying to cut down). Search the usual sites. Read Harper's Bazaar and The London Paper. On the tube I wouldn't know what I'd do without the three free papers (even if I do skip straight to the celeb pages and the odd fashion feature). More pure orange. Watch Gossip Girl. Season 2 Ep 17. Current obsession: The City. On the tube listened to: Fleet Foxes. Wore today: vintage Liz Clairborne red dress, with multi coloured perspex statement necklace, that everyone commented on. Oh and my faux fur vintage coat that I'm obsessed with.

Tomorrow night, food and drinks after work with the girls, Notting Hill. Accessorize sample sale, ohh yess. More headbands...
God this is a blog and a half!

Now? A cuppa and bed. G'night.


Yamila said...

i very like your blog!!

.now i follow it.


Emma Daniels said...

Aw thankyou!

I'm going to check yours out now!